Re-Elect Paul Webb to

6th District County Commission

Thank you to all of those that voted for me in the GOP Primary.  I am pround to be one of the party nominees for re-election as your 6th district county commissioner.  I appreciate your support and your vote. 

I need your support and vote more than ever in this general election on Thursday, August 2, 2018.

I promise to continue listening to the residents of the 6th District when making the important decisions affecting our home county.

Reminder, the general election is Thursday, August 2, 2018.   You must vote at your assigned voting place.   In our district we have three polling places.   The Brentwood Library is one, Holy Family Catholic Church is one and the Brentwood Service Center on Sunset Road is another.   All three polling places will be open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.

For the first time in many years we will have nominees from both parties contesting this election.  Your vote and support is very important to me.  We need GOP officials to watch over our government funds and spend wisely.  Our small business and family budgets are my guidelines in how I approach spending the taxpayer dollars.  We are entrusted by you to spend the money collected to better the citizens of Williamson County, Tennessee.

Brentwood and Williamson County are great places to live. We have one of the top public education systems not only in our state but in the entire country.  It is very important to not only maintain our schools but also work to improve them.  I will continue to work with our school board members, teachers and parents to make sure public schools and education remain a priority in Williamson County 

I offer the residents of Brentwood's 6th District a representative on the county commission with experience, integrity and an established record of service to our community.

I have served on numerous committees and task forces during my term as county commissioner.  My experience as a city commissioner helped me understand how to share the interests and needs of Brentwood with my fellow commissioners.  During my service as a Brentwood City Commissioner, I made sure that we worked with the leaders of our sister cities in the county and our representitives with the state of Tennessee. I will continue to work with everyone in order to keep Brentwood and Williamson County as the area with top public schools and to make sure we continue to offer our residents a wonderful quality of life.

Thank you for your vote and your support.

You may contact me at::